Permanent Makeup Stretch Mark Diminishing

Stretch Mark Diminishing

To Book Appointments for these services, you must call the Salon.

If you would like to book an appointment for any Permanent Makeup or Stretchmark diminishing, you must call 315-288-5121. You need to put a deposit down to book any of these services.


Before and right after Stretchmark Diminishing procedure

First Picture is before, session and the second picture is immediately after.


4 weeks after procedure! Stretchmark diminishing.

Non-pigment stretch mark tattoo camouflage works by creating tiny punctures in the skin, which triggers the body's natural healing response and stimulates the production of collagen. This can help to smooth out the skin's surface and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Book a Consultation today!

Price depends on area. You and your technician will discuss a plan specifically to your personal needs. You may need 1-4 sessions.


Powder filled Eyebrows starting at $400

Using the SofTap Technique, your brows can be anything you’d like them to be. If your looking for a soft fill or a solid fill, we work together to achieve what is best for you. We can give you a new full set of reconstructed Brows!

microblading ombre.jpg

Microblading with ombré fill. $450

Hair strokes combined with a soft fill. Hair Stokes are designed to enhance what you have already for eyebrows to make them appear thicker. A soft ombré fill would help to blend.


Microblading $475

The 3D Eyebrow Embroidery (Microblading) method can fill in sparse brows or create an entire brow, which makes it the perfect procedure for Men and Women. This innovative new semi permanent makeup method creates a feathering of hair-like strokes directly on the skin’s surface that creates natural-looking, beautifully designed eyebrows.



Eyeliner can be done on Top, on Bottom or Both Top & Bottom.

You and your technician will discuss which one best fits your eyes and life style. Just Top or Just Bottom $225 each or both Top & Bottom $400

Touch ups are usually necessary after 2 to 3 years. If taken care of, your brows and eyeliner can last 3-4 years. When you consistently do retouches, every 2 to 3 years, your brows and eyeliner stay fresh! $150-$200

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